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How to Design and Print the Best Marketing Materials

A great way for businesses to connect with customers is through printed marketing materials. In today’s world where content is king, it is crucial for every enterprise, whether B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to customer), to create effective marketing materials. A well-designed communication, coupled with top quality printing, can truly boost sales and nurture stakeholder relations. This makes it all the more important to leave a great first impression!

We at Nukkad Printer, recognise the significance of crafting compelling printed marketing and corporate collaterals. Let us take you through some of the most popular printed publicity materials, both in terms of designing and printing a fine product!


Varieties of Marketing Materials


Brochures have always been a crucial and highly versatile material for communicating key information. Apart from effective content, compelling and eye-catching images are a must.

Brochures can be of different types. A common model is to use a standard sheet of paper horizontally folded to make three divisions, with both sides of each printed. This gives you six whole planes that can be used to your advantage to print the information relevant to your business. The design should be such that it allows customers to browse through the materials in a hassle-free manner.

You might want to begin your brochure with the company logo or emblem, along with an introductory message on the front, astutely covering the key information you want to hook your customers with. Once you open the brochure, you have two planes in front of you side by side, which should contain the beginning of your message. It would read from left to right, so you can use the two planes accordingly.

You may also have a certain type of brochure wherein three planes are open in front of you, and you can utilize this to put forward one concrete message, or messages arranged sequentially, from the left to the right. At Nukkad Printer, we emphasize on the importance of a well-designed brochure, crafted in a way that the reader can easily follow and understanding.


As a direct-mail marketing strategy, postcards are both highly efficient and affordable. They feature a striking image on one side, and on the other, some sort of a message highlighting your brand.

It is imperative for the image used to be distinct and attractive enough to capture the reader’s attention and make them want to know more. And voila, they have in their hands a well-designed and compelling message, that primes your brand in their minds.

Sales Letters:

Commonly full sheets carrying well-composed messages regarding products or services, sales letters are meant to be designed in such a way that they are persuasive and can actively amplify your credibility. They can be a great mode of promoting your business, especially when you have new launches or offers for your customers.

This can be achieved by using interesting and captivating typography in your sales letters. Nukkad gives you a range of media options for you to be creative with. Make sure to use clear, easily legible fonts, and craft your message very persuasively so as to make the reader, your potential customer, want to read them till the very end.

Leaflets and Pamphlets:

Leaflets and pamphlets are extremely advantageous when it comes to relaying essential information regarding your business, or for promoting specific services and products.

Cost-effective and convenient to distribute, these small booklets can be designed in the form of a stack of sheets, each of which folds into depicting one cohesive and well-written message. These marketing tools also allow you a lot of creativity when designing!


Posters are large printed promotions of products, events or services, meant to be vibrant and catch people’s attention in high-traffic areas. They have the potential to make people stop and take a peek if their interest is piqued.

High-contrast designs are often used, and the point is to be as eye-catching as possible, to establish recall value. We at Nukkad Printero always stress on posters being of extra high quality print as a mandate, in order to efficiently serve their purpose.

You must keep in mind to get your money’s worth, and put out good-quality prints with high-end design when it comes to your marketing materials. They are the essential tenets of generating leads and converting your target audience into loyal customers.

Nukkad Printer can help you with all of this and much more! We believe in putting our best foot forward to perfectly reflect your brand image and promise to boost your business. Whatever be your vision, trust us to bring it to life with finesse in a cost-effective and speedy manner. Contact Nukkad Printer and get your customised marketing materials printed today!

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